DM Medical - Developer and Distributor of the Radiation Implant Brief
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About Us

Creative ingenuity is often fostered by challenges. During her tenure as a clinical nurse at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital’s Department of Radiation Oncology, in Boston, MA, Donna Miller frequently managed patients requiring vaginal implants for gynecologic malignancies. When a patient conveyed an aversion to the two traditional methods of securing the implant – tape and adhesive dressings or by suturing the labia – Donna was challenged to rethink these approaches.

Her creative solution led to the ingenious development of the Radiation Implant Brief. Considered an innovative method for securing radiation implants, the brief, made of soft cotton lycra material, totally eliminates skin irritation and discomfort, while restoring the dignity lost using traditional methods.

Donna Miller - Creator of the Radiation Implant Brief