Instructions of Use - DM Medical - The Radiation Implant Brief
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Instructions of Use

This model was designed for use with the Low Dose Rate (LDR) vaginal cylinder implant, as well as the High Dose Rate (HDR) vaginal STUMP cylinder.

The Radiation Implant Brief is sized according to the patient’s usual underwear size. To determine the correct size, please see our chart of hip measurements and corresponding sizes.

For LDR Vaginal Cylinder Implants

1.  Upon completion of the bowel cleanout, place the Radiation Implant Brief on the patient.

2.  Through the 6″ slit in the crotch of the brief, insert the foley catheter into the urethra. The cylinder is then inserted into the vagina. The vagina may then be packed if indicated.

3.  After the cylinder is inserted, take the 2″ innermost strap (B), with the slit, and bring the strap from between the patient’s legs up over the crotch of the brief.

4.  The stick of the cylinder is inserted through the slit of the strap (B), and then the strap is secured to the top of the brief at the patient’s waist at (A). This minimizes any mobilization of the cylinder.

5.  For LOW DOSE RATE brachytherapy, the 3″ outermost strap (C) (without a slit) should be brought up through the patient’s legs. The desired degree of tension to keep the cylinder at the vaginal apex should then be applied to the stick of the cylinder, with the strap (C) then secured to the top of the pant over the underlying 2″ strap.

6.  For HDR Vaginal STUMP cylinders, place the brief on the patient. Through the 6″ slit in the crotch of the brief, the foley catheter, as well as a rectal catheter may be inserted. Bring the innermost strap with the slit (B), from between the legs up over the crotch of the brief. The small circular stump of the cylinder fits in the slit of the strap. Secure strap (B) to the top of the brief, and then secure strap (C), without the slit, to the top of the brief over strap (B).